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Explore the top-notch services provided by Radio Tele Sentine for a superior listening experience.


Live Shows

Tune in to our live shows featuring top hosts and special guests discussing the latest news, music, and entertainment, keeping you informed and entertained.


Music Streaming

Enjoy uninterrupted music streaming with a vast collection of songs spanning various genres to cater to all musical tastes, available 24/7 for your listening pleasure.


Community Engagement

Engage with our vibrant online community through interactive sessions, contests, and forums that promote unity, culture, and a sense of belonging among our listeners.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Experience unparalleled quality, diversity, and community engagement that sets Radio Tele Sentine apart as the premier Haitian radio station.

24/7 Broadcasting

Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment anytime, anywhere with our round-the-clock broadcasting services.

Community Engagement

Connect with fellow listeners and engage in discussions, promotions, and events tailored to our vibrant community.

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