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Our Story

Radio Tele Sentine is a trailblazer in broadcasting, offering a unique blend of programming that resonates with our listeners, making us a top choice in the industry.

Founded with a passion for connecting communities through the power of radio, Radio Tele Sentine has grown to become a trusted source of information and entertainment for the Haitian audience.

Our reach extends far and wide, having served a diverse range of clients and listeners who appreciate our dedication to delivering quality content and staying connected.

Our Core Values

At Radio Tele Sentine, we are guided by our core values that define who we are and how we serve our audience.


We believe in being genuine and transparent in all our interactions, ensuring a trustworthy relationship with our audience.


Constantly evolving and adapting, we strive to bring new and creative content that captivates and engages our listeners.


Fostering a sense of belonging, we embrace and celebrate the diversity of our listeners, making them an integral part of our radio family.

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